Places to See

There are some places I may never see except –
On paper or climbing a tree. I remember a maple so tall
And so strong whose branches said climb – and see. It was not on paper – yet
To be writ and for the writing or not – I cared little.

The climbing was perilous and careful – for a boy is muscles and bones
Subject to breakage – and no warranties.

The climbing not done all in a day – the best route yet to be found.
An exploration of a tree – and me, days in the making – and to the top – to the top
Where climbing would cease and tree sway took hold – and what is this?

This! – a triangle so high, shaped like a dream! A boy’s crow’s nest and branches so thin!
Climb in –
Have a seat – this is not on paper
And the TV is off.
Swaying in a crow’s nest –
A hundred feet off the ground. I can see through the leaves for miles all around.
There are some places I may never see –
And I will not forget talking to that tree – a maple so tall and so strong
Permitted me luxury – climb and see!


Days grow chill –
The light fades quickly –
Ebbing of life.

Erato, my Love

Seduce me, oh sweet Muse and have your way.
Take me and tenderly touch my soul.
Erato! Have my words to blossom in your vale.
Give comfort to my being and let me love.
Succor me with nectar and sweet fruit.
Open my ears that I may hear your sweet song –
Word song for the spoken voice.
Lay me down in a world of chaos; yet an island of peace amidst the maelstrom.
Comfort me with the words of many and may their deeds be true.
Let words of joy pass before watering eyes to heal the anguished soul.
Let the mind rejoice and come round once more to vanished childlike play.
Give me the words, Oh my Muse! To soothe the feverish being.
Let me rest my head upon your breast and feel your beating heart.
Speak softly, my love, the gentle words of soul to soul.
Bathe me in fragrant water; let me drink of tenderness.
Let me bathe in light to banish darkness, alas to keep it at bay.
Let me not to rage the furies I cannot conquer.
Let me illume the darkness and expose the rage to your light.
Kiss me with the breath of your words, infuse my being with your grace.
To you I do supplicate, in you I do hope, oh Muse of my heart, my words, my joy.
Touch your finger to my brow, elicit the words of love. I long for your touch.
Breathe upon me your sweet, warm breath that I may bathe in luxury.
Ethereal being of my heart – I love you.